Helping with homework

The object of homework in a lower school is to help children take responsibility for some of their learning. Children are encouraged to read with their parents and take books home from school for this purpose.

Communication between parents and teachers is via
Home/School books which are in a different format for each year group. We hope you will use these in order to record your comments.

Children are also sent home with spellings from Year 1 and, additionally, from Year 3, are sent home with multiplication tables to learn. All homework is linked to learning in class.

The Government guidelines for homework are:

  • Year 1 and 2 – 20 minutes a night
  • Year 3  – 30 minutes a night
  • Year 4  – 40 minutes a night

Parental involvement in creative curriculum work is also of great value – it helps motivate children and encourages interest and understanding.


The school use MyMaths website to set homework and encourage children to play the maths games on the site.

Children will receive two  usernames and passwords, both of which need to be used.  You will need to log on with the school username/password, then your child’s. The site can be accessed at anytime, to check if homework has been set.

The link to the website is:

Encouraging homework

We know that fitting homework in can be a challenge and below are some ideas of how to fit it all in, this is how one of our parents who works full time does it.

Check the book bag every night and note the deadlines, then look when the best time to do the home work is.  We make a note on our calendar so we don’t forget to do it.

Reading – ask your child to read their books while you prepare dinner, or are getting ready in the morning or as part of their bedtime story. Click here to see a list of the top 100 books to read by the end of primary.

Spellings – help prepare your child for a spelling test, get them to read and practice, and then while you are making a cup of tea, read out the spellings to your child and then check them as you drink your tea and talk through those they struggled with.

Have some set times to do the homework, for us a Sunday morning and before breakfast works best.

There are lots of site on the web that provide useful hints and tips such as:

Sounds write

BBC Parenting pages