Year 7 Mathematics

Pupils in this year group will be taught the following topics:


  • Use positive integer powers and associated real roots
  • Apply the four operations with decimal numbers
  • Write a quantity as a fraction or percentage of another
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide with fractions and mixed numbers
  • Check calculations using approximation, estimation or inverse operations


  • Simplify and manipulate expressions by collecting like terms
  • Simplify and manipulate expressions by multiplying a single term over a bracket
  • Substitute numbers into formulae
  • Solve equations in one unknown
  • Understand and use lines parallel to the axes, y = x and y = -x

Ratio, proportion and rates of change:

  • Use multiplicative reasoning to interpret percentage change

Geometry and measures:

  • Calculate the volume and surface area of cubes and cuboids
  • Understand and use geometric notation for labelling angles, lengths, equal lengths and parallel lines
  • Convert between metric and imperial measures

Probability and Statistics topics will be taught in year 8.

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following (in relation to each topic):

  • Fluency in their knowledge and understanding of the mathematical rules relating to each topic area
  • Be able to reason mathematically by applying their knowledge to justifying answers and solving problems relating to each aspect covered.