Vision & Values

Governors and staff will work together tirelessly to encourage and embody the concept of ‘traditional values, forward thinking and bright futures’ for every pupil.

Our Aims

  • to provide excellence in all we do;
  • to encourage and embody the traditional values of hard work, intellectual curiosity and challenge, lively debate, courtesy, equality, kindness and healthy lifestyles;
  • to be forward thinking on behalf of our pupils, our staff and our community, embracing positive change, always striving for the best and keeping our eye on the horizon;
  • to play a full part in ensuring a bright future for all.

Values & Ethos

On both of our school sites the ethos is one of caring for and valuing the individual, respect for one another, high expectations and very good behaviour. We aim to to encourage and embody the traditional values of hard work, intellectual curiosity and challenge, lively debate, courtesy, equality, kindness and healthy lifestyles.

The younger children (Years R-4) follow a defined programme of values education. Each month we focus on a specific value and encourage the children to consider how they can live these values. Values education was first introduced to Castle Newnham School in 2007. Since then we have gained the Values Mark on two occasions. Values Education has had a major impact on all areas of school life. Due to our focus on ‘Values’ children form good relationships with their peers and the adults who work in the school and because of this behaviour is very good across the school at all times. Values Education also helps to prepare children for learning and this was commented on in the October 2013 OfSTED, when Inspectors wrote ‘In class, pupils’ attitudes to learning are very strong. They listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions’.

In upper primary and in secondary, values are taught through a PSHCE and RE programme. There is a framework for PSHCE  which also links to spiritual, moral, social and cultural education which encourages debate and discussion of values and builds on those taught in the younger years.

British Values

At Castle Newnham we are committed to a clear set of rights, responsibilities and values otherwise referred to as ‘British Values’. The government places the responsibility on all schools to promote the ‘fundamental British values’ of:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Castle Newnham promotes these values in the following ways:

  • Strong school ethos delivered through a broad and balanced curriculum in a supportive environment.
  • Successful integration of all pupils into our community.
  • Promotion of equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Strong pastoral structure.
  • Strong and coherent behaviour and anti-bullying policies.
  • Part of a wider community that recognises very clearly our responsibility to others through our commitment to the disadvantaged, our senior citizens and those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Weekly assemblies and tutor/class time delivering key messages and celebrating British Values.
  • Monthly values themes in Primary and PSHCE ‘quotes of the fortnight’ in Secondary are used to develop the understanding of these key values.
  • Discrete RE lessons used to develop the understanding of different cultures, faiths and beliefs.
  • Opportunities for pupils to take on a variety of leadership roles across the school including at Primary: Values Ambassadors and School Council Members and at Secondary: Head Boy/Girl, School Council members, Sports Leaders and Prefects.
  • A range of community, charitable and fund raising events in all year groups.
  • A range of extra-curricular opportunities open to all.

Castle Newnham is fully committed to developing strong moral and social values and enabling all pupils to be able to contribute fully to the society in which they live.