Our Designated Safeguarding Leads

Castle Newnham participatie in the RELAY Scheme in partnership with Bedford Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police.

The RELAY Scheme acts as a school notification service where incidents of domestic abuse have been reported in the previous 24 hours to Bedfordshire Police from households where children reside.

If children on roll at (school name) live at the address of an incident, notification will allow us to employ appropriate support mechanisms for the child/children.

The RELAY Scheme is coordinated by the Safeguarding Lead at our school and is facilitated by the Early Help Service at Bedford Borough Children’s Services. The Scheme will be implemented within the majority of schools in Bedford Borough.

Nationally domestic abuse represents approximately 25% of all violent crime. National research shows:

  • One in three women experience abuse in their relationship;
  • On average there will have been 35 assaults before the victim contacts the police;
  • Every minute in the UK police receive a call for assistance concerning domestic abuse;
  • Domestic abuse claims the lives of two women every week;
  • 30% of domestic violence starts during pregnancy;
  • 70% of high risk victims have children.

As a school we feel it vital that we work alongside our partner organisations to support both the victims of domestic abuse in our community and their children.

If you would like more information about the Scheme or support that can be offered around Domestic Abuse please speak with a member of the safeguarding team above.

 Please click here to go to the Bedford Borough Useful Links & Resources page where you can find links to various organisations such as Action for Children, Childline, NSPCC and Young Parents Advice.

Online safeguarding resources

The Lucy Faithful Foundation is the only UK-wide charity focused solely on reducing the risk of children being sexually abused and exploited and as part of their work they offer support for parents whose children have been affected by these issues.

The new guide is aimed at supporting parents whose children have already got into trouble
online – helping them to understand what has happened, why and how parents can talk to their children and get further support.

Please click on the following link to view the “What’s the problem?” leaflet:

Parents pack ‘Whats the problem?’

Please click on the following link to download the Facebook Checklist:

Facebook checklist

Please click on the following link to view the “Crying Girl” leaflet :

Crying Girl

Please click on the following link to get advice on how to talk to children about sexual abuse:

How do you talk to your child about sexual abuse?

Live streaming is a popular feature of lots apps and platforms. By understanding the risks of live streaming, we can help children stay safe when they are online. ThinkUKnow has produced a guide to help parents understand why live-streaming is so popular, and how to keep children safe.

You can find the article here: