Secondary Standards, Attainment & Progress

Assessment and reporting

Teachers assess pupils in lesson and on an ongoing basis. We are working on a ‘mastery’ curriculum where we want our pupils to “really” know what they have learnt, instead of “nearly” knowing it. Formal assessments take place in English and Mathematics three times during the year and up to three times a year in other subjects as deemed appropriate to support learning and progress. We report standards and progress against “age related expectations” (ARE) to parents every term.

We use the information we gather to celebrate success and challenge pupils to make even further progress, but also to intervene to support any individual pupils or groups of pupils who are making less progress than they should, or are not reaching the high standards of which they are capable.

In 2020, the school will be publishing our first set of KS4 GCSE results.

Ofsted 2013

“Pupils make good progress and achieve well”

“….by the end of Year 8, their attainment in English and mathematics is well above that which is typical for pupils of this age.”



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