Year 8 Science

Pupils in this year group will be taught the following topics:


  • Photosynthesis, respiration and circulation; Reproduction and growth; Ecosystems


  • Acids and alkalis; Materials and everyday chemistry; The Earth and the atmosphere


  • Energy; Waves; Space

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following (in relation to each topic):

  • Begin to explain processes and phenomena
  • Consistently use correct terminologies and scientific terms within their work
  • Use detailed sources of evidence to support/contradict a statement or argument being presented
  • Apply knowledge of science to make accurate predictions
  • Consistently demonstrate safe knowledge of how to conduct a wide range of practical investigations using appropriate equipment
  • Link aspects of science into real world examples in order to understand how science is part of everyday life
  • Begin to link other aspects of science to their work in order to develop their knowledge further