Year 9 Mathematics

Pupils in this year group will be taught the following topics:


  • Estimate the powers and roots to any given positive number- to include work on surds
  • Calculate with numbers in standard form and know how to adjust answers accurately
  • Choose appropriate degrees of accuracy when rounding numbers and understand how these have limits in accuracy
  • Use inequality notation to specify simple error intervals


  • Understand and us the concepts of inequalities and identities
  • Solve linear inequalities
  • Multiplying out and double brackets and factorising expressions in the form ax2 + bx + c
  • Finding the difference of two squares
  • Solve simultaneous and quadratic equations algebraically and using a graph
  • Recognise, sketch and interpret graphs of simple quadratic functions

Geometry and measures:

  • Geometry of triangle; Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry
  • Shape constructions, including plans and elevations of 3D shapes
  • Calculating arc lengths, angles and areas of sectors of circles


  • Listing outcomes using tree diagrams
  • Understand how experimental probability tends towards theoretical probability with an increased sample size
  • Calculate the probability of independent and dependent events
  • Straight line graphs- finding the equations of lines through coordinates and finding the gradient


  • Interpret and construct tables, charts and diagrams
  • Scatter graphs, correlation and suing lines of best fit to make predictions

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following (in relation to each topic):

  • Fluency in their knowledge and understanding of the mathematical rules relating to each topic area
  • Be able to reason mathematically by applying their knowledge to justifying answers and solving problems relating to each aspect covered.