Year 9 Science

Pupils will be taught the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through the following 5 units:

  1. Thinking scientifically
  2. Using investigative approaches
  3. Working critically with evidence
  4. Using maths in science
  5. Communicating in science

Each unit will consist of a focus question that allows pupils to further develop their knowledge of science covered within year 7 and 8.

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following (in relation to each topic):

  • Use scientific models in explanations, linking across different areas and identify any shortcomings
  • Use a range of appropriate evidence to prove or disprove theories or ideas
  • Understand how different science theories take time to develop and become established over time0
  • Accurately plan and conduct experiments, collecting data in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Present data in a detailed and appropriate context
  • Apply mathematical concepts to science, particularly when handling data
  • Use a range of scientific terminologies/vocabulary when communicating their work