‘A Life’ workshops 7th February 2018

Two A-Life coaches arrived at 7.15 am to set up their workshops for an exciting day for the children at the South site.  20-25 hands-on activities were set up around each hall, so that children were never waiting to use equipment, they were engaged with a fun activity at all times. Each activity station had its own topic, hands-on equipment to explore, an information board and an activity card.

The stations were age-appropriate, with 4 difficulty levels that could be changed at any time to suit a mixed age group (including special needs). Activities encouraged and informed on a range of healthy eating topics, exercise, keeping hydrated and the human body as well as teaching awareness of dangerous household substances.

The younger children were supported in the tasks by fourteen Year 8 leaders who did a great job of explaining the activities.

The whole school took part, each class having a one hour session. Feedback from teachers and children was very positive. Children thought the activities were really good and said they had learned a lot about how to be healthier in the future.