Our Primary and Secondary Pupil Premium Strategies outline our planned expenditure. 

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

Pupil Premium (PP) allocations for 2021-2022 are made based on the pupils attending at the time of the January school census. Funding is for the financial, not the academic year and, therefore, the funding and the number of PP pupils do not always equate.

The allocation is as follows:

£342 for Early Years

£320 for each eligible Service Child (Service children or family in receipt of MoD pension, ‘Ever 4’

£985 for each eligible free school meals (FSM) secondary pupil (‘Ever 6’ at any time in previous six years)

£1385 for each eligible FSM primary pupil (‘Ever 6’ at any time in previous six years)

£2410 for Pupil Premium Plus: Looked After Child (LAC) Adopted from care, left care, guardianship, residence order, ‘Ever 6’ which goes to the LAC’s virtual school.

Pupil Premium Strategies

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At the school we have a very strong sports and PE ethos, aimed at including and encouraging all children within the school.

In 2013, The Government announced their intention to invest heavily in the provision for Physical Education in Primary Schools across the country. This has led to the allocation of additional funding that has been ‘ring fenced’ for special use in improving PE and sport in Primary Schools.

Here at Castle Newnham our vision is to provide the highest quality PE and school sport for all children, of all abilities. We believe that taking part in sport is a key factor in developing an individual’s well being, both physically and mentally. We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to practice, participate and compete in sport and learn key values such as respect, cooperation and teamwork.

PE & Sports Grant Fund

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Covid-19 Catch-up Funding

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