Equality Objectives

Castle Newnham School acknowledges and welcomes diversity among pupils, staff and visitors. We do not discriminate against anyone, child or adult, on the grounds of their gender, race, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or disability.

We promote the principles of fairness and justice through the education that we provide our school.

We want all members of our community to feel a sense of belonging within the school and the wider community and to feel that they are respected and able to participate fully in school life. We respect the religious beliefs and practices of all staff, pupils, parents and carers.

We ensure that all recruitment, employment, promotion and training policies and procedures are fair to all and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve.

We will make reasonable adjustments, where required, in order to improve access to our school facilities, increase access to the curriculum and improve delivery of information.

For more detailed information on the school’s equality objectives and information on how we comply with the public sector equality duty, please click here to download a copy of the school’s Single Equality Policy.