KS4 Physical Education

KS4 pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to:


  • Work with increasing independence
  • Demonstrate understanding and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle


  • Be proactive in responding to challenge
  • Use more complex tactical solutions in both individual and team games
  • Evaluate and compare performance with previous examples


  • Apply and perform techniques, skills and movements with fluency in a range of situations.
  • Run without stopping for 15 minutes, perform 3 x 15 push-ups, 4 x 20 squat jumps and hold a 60-second front plank and 30-second side plank.


  • Engage with feedback to improve their performance and the performance of others.
  • Manage performance positively in group situations

There is an extra-curricular schedule updated and published every half term with multiple opportunities for further involvement in activity and sport. We recommend that each pupil participate in at least one club as part of a healthy lifestyle.