Year 7 Music

Pupils will be taught performance, composition and music appraisal through the following topics:

  • Rhythm and pulse (Rhythm and note values)
  • Exploring musical elements
  • Form and structure (Musical structures and developing keyboard skills)
  • Minimalism
  • Folk music (Exploring arrangements)
  • Variations
  • Chinese music

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Work in pairs and groups and perform, create and improvise new melodic material from given melodies and ostinato bass lines
  • Add chords and rhythmic material and perform their work in an ensemble
  • Contribute and share ideas, making improvements to their work
  • Read and perform from simple music notation on the bass and treble clef and have an understanding of time signatures
  • Sing melodic material with rhythm accuracy and a sense of pitch
  • Comment on the use of musical elements and instrumentation when listening to a piece of music