Castle Newnham Nursery future from  September 2024


The Governors and the school have recently reached the very difficult decision that the intake to the school Nursery in September 2023 shall be the final intake. For more information and an explanation around the rationale for this decision, please see below:

Nursery Q&A

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Nursery Information Booklet

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We will be accepting 30 hour free childcare from September 2023. For nursery children who have joined us from September 2022 to August 2023, if you have a 30 hour code you can still use this by splitting your childcare across 2 childcare settings.


If you would like to apply for a place in the nursery from September 2023 to July 2024, please complete an application form and return it to the school office. To download a copy of the nursery application form and terms and conditions, please see below. A hard copy is also available from the school office on the South site.

Nursery Application Form

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We believe that every child is individual and special, and that all children are to be cherished and valued. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, a copy of which can be viewed by clicking on the image below:-

Nursery Curriculum

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Nursery times

Morning Session 08:45 – 12:00
Afternoon Session 12:30 – 15:30
All day session 08:45 – 15:30

Please note: extra sessions are charged at £12.96 a session


Children who are booked in all day can have a hot dinner (currently £2.45 per day), cooked on site by our own in house catering team.  Please check the school website for menus.  Some children prefer to bring a packed lunch and we cordially ask that you do not pack any nuts or nut products as some of our children have severe nut allergies. An additional £2.14 charge will apply to all children who stay all day. This is to cover lunchtime supervision costs and is not part of the 30 or 15 hours free funding.

Dressing for Nursery

It’s really helpful if the children can dress and undress independently; take off cardigans, jumpers, shoes and socks for PE (Monday am, Wednesday pm and Thursday pm)

Each child shares a named peg for a SMALL named bag of spare clothing (pants, socks, joggers / leggings, T shirt)

Toilet training….. we expect your child to be toilet trained. Of course some children will have the odd accident, but please encourage your child to use the toilet independently.

Absences, illness, medicines etc

Sick, unwell, tummy upset…..please do not bring your child to nursery for 48 hours.

Let us know if your child will be absent, either by contacting the school office on 01234 300800 or by emailing Mrs McCarthy, Nursery Teacher, [email protected].

Please make us aware about ongoing medical conditions by giving detailed information when completing the Nursery admissions form.

Please complete an ‘administering form’ available from the school office if your child needs uses an inhaler or has an epipen. These will then be kept in the Nursery.

If your child has any food allergies, intolerance’s or religious reasons for not eating certain foods please give details on the Nursery admissions form.

Nursery access and security

The Nursery can be accessed before 9.00 am and at 3.20 pm using both the pedestrian entrance on Goldington Road and the double gates on York Street. Children can be dropped off at 8.55am.

If you are collecting your child at 12.00 pm or dropping off at 12.30 pm you will only be able to enter using the York Street double gates.

There is no parking on the school premises and please be aware of the parking restrictions on the roads around the school. We ask that you please park courteously for the sake of our neighbours.