Performing Arts


The Castle Newnham Performing Arts department works across the federation and aims to nurture passionate, imaginative and inquisitive individuals, who see the world from an artistic perspective, enjoying and exploring past and present art forms generated from an array of different cultures. Pupils already with us in primary will have experienced a wide range of opportunities through performing arts specialist teaching since Year 1. 

The curriculum prepares pupils to become independent and creative individuals. A range of topics allow pupils to develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts formed in a contemporary society and throughout the world. These themes are explored through a range of different creative styles, practitioners and mediums. Furthermore, the Performing Arts curriculum promotes a sense of self-worth, encourages confidence, resilience and develops relationships.

Our performing arts curriculum is underpinned by Pablo Picasso’s famous quote: ‘Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’.

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Film Studies

Year 7 Music & Music Technology
Year 8 Music & Music Technology
Year 9 Music & Music Technology
KS4 Music

 Year 7 Drama
Year 8 Drama
Year 9 Drama
KS4 Drama

Year 7 Dance
Year 8 Dance
Year 9 Dance
KS4 Dance

For more information on Year 9 Options including detailed subject specifications, please click here.