Helping with home learning

At Castle Newnham School we value the role that parents and carers have in supporting children with their learning. The main aim of home learning is to develop good study habits and to promote independent learning. Please see our home learning policy for more detailed information by clicking here.

All phases within Primary have clear expectations for home learning, which include reading for pleasure, learning key mathematical facts, timetables and the corresponding division facts and weekly spellings to learn. Please click here to download a copy of our guide to expectations for home learning for each year phase. You can also find the relevant home learning guidance in the children’s home/school books.

We do understand that it can be a challenge to fit in home learning. A parent who works full time, has kindly shared with us how they manage it.

  • I check the book bag every night and note the deadlines, then look when the best time to do the home learning is.  We make a note on our calendar so we don’t forget to do it.
  • Reading – they read to me whilst I prepare dinner, or when we are getting ready in the morning or as part of their bedtime story.
  • Spellings – my child reads and practises their spellings while I am making a cup of tea. I read out the spellings to them and then check them as I drink my tea and talk through those they struggled with.
  • We make sure we have set times to do the home learning, for us a Sunday morning and before breakfast works best.

Within our Primary curriculum we encourage the children to read for pleasure as much as they can, this is in addition to the books provided by school as part of our reading curriculum. Click here to see a list of the top 100 books to read by the end of primary.

To support with Maths at home, all children are able to use Numbots and Timetable Rockstars to practise their number skills. Their log in will be in their home/school book. Please click here to see a document with information on how you can support your child with Maths at home.

Children in Years 5 & 6 will also have a log in for the MyMaths website where tasks may be set to help consolidate what they are learning in school. The children will receive two usernames and passwords, both of which need to be used.  You will need to log on with the school username/password, then your child’s. The site can be accessed at any time, to check if homework has been set. Click here to link to the website.

Below there is a list of links to websites that you may find useful to challenge and enthuse your child with home learning: