Primary Design and Technology

Our Approach

The Design and Technology curriculum at Castle Newnham links with our broader curriculum aims, in terms of giving children the powerful cultural and social capital they need to understand the world and shape the future through the promotion of Sustainable Development. 

A skills progression framework ensures that each year group progressively builds upon their competences as they move up the school, so that by the time they reach Year 6, children are capable of more complex projects. 

D&T is a ‘hands on’ area of learning, through which metacognition, practical skills (e.g. using tools and equipment) and technical knowledge (e.g. using electrical systems) are developed.  Through engaging and open-ended starting points for learning, children will come up with multiple ideas and approaches, resulting in their ideas being realised in 3 dimensions, either as small-scale models, toys or full-scale projects.  Children develop an ability to make judgements and critique different ideas as well as beginning to identify unintended consequences of their projects e.g. for the environment. 

D&T is an excellent vehicle for collaborative learning and shows children that ideas and constructions are often better realised when undertaken in partnership with others.  Within this they will appreciate the need to adapt designs and constructions as they go along and share their work for critical appraisal and celebration. 

We are extremely fortunate to have access to the KS3 Design Technology labs and use these for learning with our Year 5 and 6 cohorts as appropriate. D&T is one of the areas of our curriculum which is taught weekly by a secondary specialist teacher in UKS2 to help prepare our pupils for KS3 and beyond.

For more information, please see our DT Long Term Overview