Primary English

Our Approach

English is at the heart of our school’s curriculum and is carefully designed to be challenging, inspiring and engaging, for all our pupils. Our English curriculum ensures each piece of writing begins with an in-depth exploration of a high-quality text and takes advantage of our pupils’ curious nature.

Our English curriculum gives our pupils the opportunities to advance their speaking, listening and performing which build on the skills developed during Performing Arts lessons. Grammar and spelling teaching is threaded throughout the English Curriculum and uses modelled examples of sentence structures and grammar use from the different texts.

We believe that writing is an integral part of the curriculum and ensure that throughout the whole curriculum there are many different opportunities for writing, allowing the pupils to experience writing for a wide range of audiences. Each writing opportunity has a clear purpose and helps the children develop their “authors voice”.

During English lessons, a variety of teaching and learning strategies are used in order to model and support the reading and writing process to ensure the pupils have the tools for a future in which they will thrive. All lessons are structured and tailored to meet the needs of all pupils so they can all reach their full potential.

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