Primary Geography

We believe that the teaching of Geography should acknowledge the pivotal role human beings can play in securing the future of our planet . Several of our geography units encourage children to think about their role in protecting the planet. As a river town, we are uniquely positioned to explore the impact on local rivers and this is a theme which runs throughout our geography curriculum.

Within our curriculum, children are given time to build on the geographical vocabulary they have learned to deepen their geographical understanding of key concepts such as the historical use of rivers and their importance to communities old and new. This enables our children to transfer knowledge  and thus make links between the different geographical concepts studied. For example, the concept of place is introduced in KS1. This is built upon across units in LKS2 and again during several of the UKS2 geography units. 

Through our knowledge-rich, geography curriculum, we aim to give children a deep understanding of the relationship between the physical and human environment.

For example, a focus on Rivers begins with a local study of the River Ouse (Year 1 & Year 4). This knowledge is built upon in a study of The Amazon River (Year 4 South American Unit), River Thames (Year 4 Rivers Unit) and is developed through a study of the River Nile (Year 6). Understanding of the human impact on Rivers is then embedded through studying settlement patterns close to rivers, both in the UK and beyond. This learning is then linked with the environmental impact of flooding during our Reduce, re-use and recycle unit in Year 4.

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