Religious Studies

Religious Studies (RS) is taught through a programme of beliefs, philosophy and ethics.  Pupils are taught the following themes:

Year 7

  1. Introduction Unit- this examines the three main strands of Religious Studies- World Religions, Philosophy and Ethics
  2. How are Sikh teachings of equality, practice and service put into action today?
  3. What do people believe about God and the Universe? (Religion and Science)
  4. Why do Christians believe that Jesus was God incarnate?
  5. Islam: What is universal and what is different?
  6. What will make our community a more respectful place?

Year 8

  1. Why is there suffering in the World?
  2. What difference does it make being atheist or agnostic in Britain today?
  3. Do the Prophets still influence us today?
  4. The Buddha: How and why do his teachings have meaning for people today?#
  5. What will make our community a more respectful place?

Year 9

  1. Good, Bad, Right, Wrong? How do I decide?
  2. Sharing one World: Are Religions part of the problem or the solution?
  3. What makes a person inspirational to others

Year 10

  1. The Holocaust
  2. Extremism 
  3. What makes us special?
  4. The Philosophers
  5. Crime and Punishment 
  6. Should happiness be the main purpose of life? 

Pupils also have the option to complete a GCSE in Religious Studies. We follow the AQA Specification and pupils study Christianity and Islam. 

Pupils complete 2 exams which are each 1 hour and 45 minutes at the end of the course. The first paper is focused on Christianity and Islam and the second paper is focused on religious, philosophical and ethical themes.


Term  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn 1 P1: Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings P1: Christianity: Worship and Practices 
Autumn 2 P1: Islam: Beliefs and Teachings P1: Islam: Worship and Practices 
Spring 1 P2: Human Relationships from religious and non religious perspectives P2: The Existence of God and Revelation 
Spring 2 P2: Religion and Life  Revision  
Summer 1 P2: Religion, Peace and Conflict  Revision and Exam
Summer 2 Revision  of the Year