Year 7 Dance

Pupils will be taught dance through the following topics and texts:

  • Set work study – Harry Potter
  • Choreography – group and solo
  • Performance technique

 Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to:

  • Create and replicate movement that is appropriate to the stimulus given.
  • Select skills, techniques and compositional ideas and begin to apply them to choreography.
  • Begin to build a good standard of dance technique which is performed with confidence and imagination.
  • Use feedback to refine performance independently when working on solo and group work.
  • Confidently work as a team, showing effective communication skills and contributing positively to the dance work – sometimes leading groups in rehearsals.
  • Reflect on dance work and begin to use specialist terminology.
  • Demonstrate, including through own performance, clear knowledge and understanding of skills required to perform safely and with some sensitivity to style and/or intention.