Year 7 Food Technology

Pupils studying Food Technology will cover:

Students will learn the key skills required for preparing a range of family main meals. They will develop an understanding of how these meals can be developed into a wide range of products. This module includes a variety of practical sessions: Chicken Goujons, Pasta Bake, Bread Rolls, Enriched Yeast mixtures (cinnamon buns/pizza whirls), Swiss Roll, Frittata, Bolognaise and Celebration Cupcakes. Students will also develop their knowledge of healthy eating and meals for people with special dietary needs.

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • They can use a range of basic skills and techniques, learnt in KS2, to follow a recipe.
  • They can use a wide range of tools and equipment safely.
  • Use testing and evaluation to judge how successful a product is and identify improvements.
  • They can follow a recipe to produce a good quality finished product.
  • They can analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others.