Year 9 English

Pupils will be able to demonstrate the following:


  • Work is thoughtfully shaped and organised
  • Effective links are made between paragraphs using a variety of more complex connectives
  • Ideas are skilfully developed into paragraphs using a variety of linking devices
  • A variety of sentence types are used with confidence
  • A range of punctuation marks are used accurately and with increasing confidence in creating effects for the reader
  • Tenses are confidently handled
  • Vocabulary is varied and spelling is accurate, except for unusual words
  • An appropriate style is used in writing and stylistic features are used effectively
  • Writing is engaging for the reader.

Reading comprehension

  • Quotations are competently embedded with a confident explanation of how meanings are created
  • An understanding of structure and its impact is demonstrated
  • The impact of a writer’s choice of words, sentences and stylistic features is identified and explained with some confidence
  • The purposes and effects of a text are explained
  • An awareness of the writer’s viewpoint is demonstrated
  • A grasp how context may influence a text is clearly identified.

Pupils in this year group will read the following texts:

Blood Brothers – play

Macbeth – Shakespeare

Animal Farm – novel

Pre 19th Century extracts in preparation for GCSE Literature

Poetry from different cultures