Year 9 Food Technology

Pupils studying Food Technology will cover:

Pupils will develop and expand their knowledge of healthy eating and food science. Pupils will be given the opportunity to explore food as a material and experience a taster of the Key Stage 4 GCSE option, Hospitality and Catering, Level 1/2 Award. Pupils will continue to expand on their practical kitchen skills, with a focus on producing a range of dishes that are presented with a variety of different quality finishes. Pupils will be encouraged to select recipes appropriate for a given theme.

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • They can research, communicate and develop ideas to meet a design brief.
  • They can design and make innovative, functional and appealing products.
  • Through testing and evaluating, they can judge how successful a product is.
  • They can start to understand the science behind ingredients and cooking.
  • They can show a basic understanding of food safety and hygiene.