Year 9 Music

Pupils who wish to take music as a GCSE need to select it as one of their preferences in Year 9.

Pupils will do a bridging unit to equip them for the skills needed in Years 10 and 11, participate in solo and ensemble performances, music tech skills and they will work through each of the areas of study, developing their listening and appraisal skills.

Pupils who meet age related expectations will be able to demonstrate the following (in relation to each topic):

  • They work in pairs and groups and perform, create, explore and recognise different styles of music covered in OCR GCSE music syllabus
  • They create compositions in these styles and use relevant notations to plan, revise and refine their work
  • They evaluate how different musical ideas have been used in their work and in the work of others and are able to rehearse and refine their performances and compositions.
  • They read and perform from music notation on the bass and treble clef and have an understanding of time signatures, following a musical score and using musical technology to notate and /or sequence their work
  • They use the elements of music to describe the intentions of composers and performers in listening tasks and use this understanding when planning their own compositions and performing their work